fixing stuff and breaking it again

  • proxmox: get rid of gray question marks

    Sometimes you might find that one of your nodes and all its containers, VMs, and storages have gray question marks beside them. This happens because the cluster has lost quorum. When this happens, sometimes you can even still see the real-time stats in the summary page the node and machines still ticking along. Here’s the […]

  • file server backup times: lxc and vm

    THE OLD: I have been using a fileserver in a Turnkey debian 11 container for several months. I allocated 8gb of the ssd for bootdrive and 2TB of my zfs pool for storage. The zfs pool is comprised of 3 old Western Digital green drives, WDEARS20, in a raidz1 configuration. It is connected with a […]

  • random linux tips and tricks: february

    Here are some random things I learned this month! find files way faster than “find” with mlocate This one is cool! “Find” can be a pain in the butt sometimes, and it’s really slow if you have a large drive with lots of files on it. Using mlocate, you can find files nearly instantly by […]

  • state of the cluster: 1/23

    The homelab has come a long way in the past couple of months. It’s still a heap of e-waste, but now it’s a BIG heap of e-waste! It’s been so fun to learn all of this stuff. It’s been so fun, in fact, that I want it to be my job. How it started: It […]

  • speed up your nextcloud server

    By default, Nextcloud has object caching disabled. It also triggers the background tasks to be run on every page load by default, using AJAX instead of using a cron job on a timer. This was causing a significant delay for my friends accessing my server. Following a couple other guides on the internet, I found […]

  • tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify failed (596)

    Sometimes I get this error message in Proxmox after making a network change, messing with an ssh key, or some other random mistake. Once this happens, the nodes in my cluster become inaccessible through the admin interface. Here’s how I get the cluster running again: Copy and paste the command that ssh spits out to […]

  • Easyengine – simple wordpress + ssl deployments

    Baby’s first VPS! Now that the homelab cluster is running multiple external services, I’m starting to hit some speed bumps. Using my single domain name with tons of port numbers was working okay to keep services separated for personal use. But now with friends and family connecting and using some of these services, it’s time […]

  • proxmox wireguard + qbittorrent + samba lxc container – quick and easy

    A google search for how to create this type of container will bring up a bunch of malarkey. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. You can set this up in a few minutes super easily. The result is an extremely lightweight and effective torrent box that you can control remotely. It works great on […]

  • e-waste resurrection

    Building a homelab on the cheap means using what you have laying around–even if what you have laying around is a dead Dell Inspiron 3521 from a decade ago. This laptop has already lived several lives. It got the wife through college. Before that, it traveled with the mother-in-law for business. It was pretty bad […]

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