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  • random linux tips and tricks: february

    Here are some random things I learned this month! find files way faster than “find” with mlocate This one is cool! “Find” can be a pain in the butt sometimes, and it’s really slow if you have a large drive with lots of files on it. Using mlocate, you can find files nearly instantly by […]

  • state of the cluster: 1/23

    The homelab has come a long way in the past couple of months. It’s still a heap of e-waste, but now it’s a BIG heap of e-waste! It’s been so fun to learn all of this stuff. It’s been so fun, in fact, that I want it to be my job. How it started: It […]

  • tls_process_server_certificate: certificate verify failed (596)

    Sometimes I get this error message in Proxmox after making a network change, messing with an ssh key, or some other random mistake. Once this happens, the nodes in my cluster become inaccessible through the admin interface. Here’s how I get the cluster running again: Copy and paste the command that ssh spits out to […]