electrical engineering: a cooling solution

I have 6 SFP+ ports on my new switch, but so far I only have one 10-gig ethernet device and a couple of 2.5-gig ethernet devices. How do I plug those mugs in???

Enter the transceiver — Mikrotik S+RJ10

This little booger allows you to plug in any ethernet device up to 10 gigabits into a SFP+ slot, and it supports 6 speeds! 10/100/1000/2500/5000/10000

Unfortunately, it runs SUPER HOT!! From Mikrotik’s site:

90C!! (Water boils at 100C)

So, I decided to do some EE’ing. I hacked up an old 12-volt 120mm 3-pin fan and I hacked the end off of an old USB cable. I spliced them together, and voila– a 5-volt fan:

Of course, you have to meet South Carolina safety standards. The inspector approved it:

It also needed some legs so it can stand on the shelf beside the switch:

Now it can run off of the USB port on my wifi access point, tucked away neatly on the shelf.

Please comment below if you think my house was more likely to burn down BEFORE or AFTER this engineering project.






2 responses to “electrical engineering: a cooling solution”

  1. Ian SirLouis Avatar
    Ian SirLouis

    Definitely before…inspector approved all the work so all good now!

    1. Brian Avatar

      Nobody second guesses the inspector! Thanks Hugh 😀

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